Who makes the best chainsaw


There are many models of chain saws available to select from in the marketplace.  What might make your particular selection the right choice for you could be determined by the chain saws intended use.  As with all tools and equipment products, some products are better than others.  Some retail stores have various manufacturers construct their chain saws for them and then they will label the chain saws with their own name. Sears would be a prime example of such a store and they would use their Craftsman label.  If you are interested in your more inexpensive chain saws then you might try shopping at stores such as Wal-mart or other larger chain stores.  Wherever you decide to purchase your chain saw, always keep in mind the question regarding warranty work for your chain saw.


As far as the best brand of chain saw to purchase, it really comes down to your own personal view and researching what the experts have to say about the different chain saws.  Relatively speaking, Homelite, McCullogh, and Poulan chain saws have been generally inexpensive chain saws over the years.  Myself, I have personally used a Homelite chain saw for many hours.  The main use for my Homelite chain saw was falling smaller diameter lodge pole pine and the Homelite chain saw performed in an excellent fashion always.  The chain saws homelite models have diminished in recent years and of course the Stihl and Husqavarna chain saws have risen to the top.


The personal recommendation from many chain saw experts is either the Stihl or Husqavarna chain saw.  Both of these chain saws are greatly respected throughout the industry and are known for their longevity of use.  Of course the primary piece of the puzzle is proper care and maintenance.  Both of these chain saws are very well engineered equipment products for their weight to power-chain ratio.  Overall the Husqavarna chain saw is the easier of the two chain saws to work on and as a side note, the Stihl chain saw requires metric tools.  On who makes the best chain saw, please do some of your own investigation and the best to you on your new purchase. 

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